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Bath & Boiler SOLUTIONS... it's in our name

Over a Decade's worth of Experience with every type of antique New England property and modern construction.
Expert maintenance, repair, renovation, design, installation, and consultation.


Water Heaters, Kitchen Sink Piping, Garbage Disposals, Washing Machine and Dryer Connections, Water Pipes, Drain Pipes, Bathrooms, Shower Valves, Bathtubs, Faucets, Outside Hose Spigots, Water Filters, Dishwasher Connections, Ice Makers, Gas piping and so much more...  

Drain Cleaning

Repair and Installation of Gas Heating Equipment and Systems.  All makes and models of Boilers, Furnaces, Radiators and Baseboard.  Tune-ups, cleanings and Expert Diagnostics.


With our advanced knowlege and extensive training with One-Pipe and Two-Pipe residential Steam Systems, we are the people other companies call to solve Steam problems.

Clogged Tub or Shower?  Backed up sink?  Toilet slow or... WORSE?  Drain problems don't slow us down.  We keep power drain cleaning equipment on every truck to handle most residential clogs.  Ask about add-on pricing for drain cleaning to have multiple drains snaked in one convenient appointment, or in addition to other plumbing work...

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